The History of Twin Bayous – It’s my Party…

For an explanation of what this is see this article

Being the richest girl in town allowed Veronica Ringwald to have the first of almost everything. This included having the first birthday.

So Veronica, or as she preferred to be called, Ronnie invited all of her friends and some of her enemies over one afternoon to celebrate her and some other’s birthdays. The year was 1893 (AS).

After everyone had finished eating their lunch, Ronnie’s mother brought out a great big birthday cake and set it on the dining room table.

Then everyone gathered around to wish Ronnie a happy birthday.

After blowing out the candles Ronnie then aged-up and became a teen.

After it was Ronnie’s turn, seven of her friends followed suit, blowing out candles and aging-up to teen. The second to go was little Donna Gentille.

Donna Gentille became mean spirited upon aging up.

Raquel LeFey gained the vegetarian trait.

Tracy Viernes became a cat person.

Jack Clemens added the artistic trait.

Ariel Poindexter became unstable.

Dominick Stoney became a natural cook.

Anthony Goombah added mooch to his list of traits.

All in all a good time was had by everyone at Ronnie’s party.

The next day Ronnie wondered what next was in store for her and her friends.


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