The History of Twin Bayous – The Dating Scene

Ronnie Ringwald always had to be first to get something and shortly after aging up Ronnie became the first among her friends to get a boyfriend.

Ronnie Ringwald and Dominick Stoney were now going steady.

The gang loved to hang-out at Central Park in the winter and ice skate on the big rink there.

Jack Clemens liked to go there to try and pick-up chicks. Yet he never seemed to have much luck.

Then one day Jack saw Donna Gentille ice skating on the pond with her friend Ronnie.

After she finished ice skating, Jack stopped Donna by the half-pipe and asked her about her day.

He then asked her if she wanted to go across the street and get a cup of coffee at the Java Hut. Here they sat on a sofa and talked.

Jack was nervous when he made a move on Donna.

And Donna did not reject Jack’s advance when he kissed her.

They went next door to the restaurant and had dinner. After dinner they kissed some more.

While love was in the air for some of the teens in town…

…not everyone was feeling the love.

Raquel LeFey tried to ask out Ariel Poindexter…

…but when he turned her down, Raquel got very upset…

…and she turned poor Ariel into zombie.

Raquel then went home and composed a love letter to Ariel.

And she slept very well that night.

A day or so later the zombification wore off and Ariel was back to normal – normal, that is, for an unstable person.

Raquel asked Dominick Stoney for advice about her and Ariel. But Dominick was not much help.

Raquel continued to try and attract Ariel, but she wasn’t having much luck.

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