The History of Twin Bayous – What Goes Around…

Tracie Viernes was a mean girl with a blog. She loved to write awful, gossipy things about the other people in the town.

Lately she seemed to be focusing all of her meanness on Victor and Maria Goombah…

…calling Victor Goombah a “juicer”.

Maria Goombah was not at all happy when she read Tracie’s posts about her family.

Anthony Goombah went to see Tracie Viernes and asked her to stop writing awful, gossipy things about his family.

At first Tracie was not very nice to Anthony…

…but then she got real playful and teased him into having a pillow fight.

Anthony got a little turned on by Tracie behavior. So when he went home that night he penned a love note to Tracie.

When Tracie saw the sweet note that Anthony sent her she made jokes to her sister about Anthony’s poor penmanship. She also remarked “Why would I go out with him when I am dating that hottie Chad Gentille?”

Yet she then decided to give Anthony a call and invite him out on a date with the idea in mind of teasing him some more.

Tracie told Anthony to meet her at the Flying Vee Coffeshop across from Fort Beauregard.

School had just let out from the military academy and from way over on the other side of the parade field Tabitha witnessed Tracie and Anthony holding hands in the rain. “She is cheating on Chad!” Tabitha hissed under her breath.

As it was starting to rain heavily…

…Anthony suggested that he and Tracie go to the community farm where they would probably be alone.

At the farm Anthony gave Tracie a bouquet of flowers.

Then they made out in the kitchen. (Tabitha LeFey had followed them there and she saw the whole thing.)

It was prom night and when Tracie learned that Chad had to work late at the hospital, she decided to go to the prom with Anthony.

Tabitha LeFey also went to the prom that night. The theme of the prom was under-the-sea.

And when she got home she decided to send a text to Chad Gentille asking him to come to the plantation as she had something very important to tell him.

Chad was very upset when he arrived at the plantation. He had already learned that Tracie was cheating on him.

Tabitha did her best to console Chad.

Tabitha then pretended to be having trouble with her homework and she got Chad to help her.

Afterwards they went out to the portico and watched the stars.


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