The History of Twin Bayous-The Fortunate Ones

Following Donna’s announcement at Raquel’s party that she was pregnant by Jack Clemens, there suddenly occurred what appeared to be an epidemic of teen pregnancies.

Bubbles Goombah was pregnant with Teddy Stoney’s child.

And Jack’s sister Janny Clemens was having Ulysses Ringwald’s baby.

In fact both Donna and Janny went to the hospital to have their babies on the same night.

Donna gave birth to a girl named Jacqueline and Janny gave birth to a boy named Simpson.

Donna was not at all happy that Janny gave birth before her. Donna wanted to be first.

Donna was not the only one who was unhappy about Janny having a baby.

Julia Clemens thought carefully about how she was going to handle this. Whatever she was going to do, it must be done properly.

She then decided to pay a visit to the Ringwald household.

After properly introducing herself to Ulysses Ringwald…

…She then jumped on the young man accusing him of impropriety.

Ulysses’ mother Celia came outside to find out what all the commotion was about.

When Julia told Celia what had happened between her daughter and Celia’s son, Celia took Julia’s side and agreed that her son would do the right thing and marry Janny Clemens.

Julia brought her grandson and daughter to the Ringwald’s mansion.

Janny and Ulysses were married in the foyer of the mansion.

And both of the parents pitched in to buy them a lovely little cottage in Eastdale.

Bubbles Goombah was not as fortunate as Janny Clemens. Bubbles had to raise her kids in a rundown trailer park on Tobacco Road.


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