The History of Twin Bayous – It happens to the best of them…

Ronnie Ringwald and her sister Xena loved to gossip about the other girls in town who were getting pregnant.

But Ronnie was scared because she too was carrying around a secret of her own.

She tried to talk about it with her brother Waldo, but he was such a goof and did not hear a word that his sister said to him.

She asked her boyfriend over so they could talk and she saw him stopping to chat with her mother out on the patio.

Ronnie was scared about what may happen when she talked to Dominick.

When Dominick came in, Ronnie asked him to come up stairs where they could talk in private.

Ronnie began by saying “I have something very important that I need to tell you…”

When Ronnie finally got it out and told Dominick that she was pregnant, her boyfriend was very happy.

Dominick got down on his knee and proposed to Ronnie…







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