The History of Twin Bayous – Who’s the Stalker Now?

Tracie continued to blog awful gossipy stuff about the citizens of Twin Bayous.

She also continued leading on Anthony Goombah.

What Anthony did not know is that Tracie had a side thing going on with Aric Poindexter.

Tracie had learned that Aric’s unstable trait had caused him to temporarily take on a kleptomaniac trait and that he had stolen 10,000 simoleans from the evidence locker at the Sheriff station where they worked after school. Tracie family was having financial troubles and Tracie saw Aric as her meal ticket to better times.

Tracie asked Aric over after school so they could go skinny dipping in her hot tub.

And so Tracie began having a thing with Aric behind Anthony’s back.

It did not take long for the rumors to spread throughout school that Tracie was playing Anthony for a fool.

This, of course, made Anthony really, really angry.

He asked his sister Zelda what he should do about it and she suggested that he should go see a friend of hers.

Anthony paid a visit to the LeFey plantation.

Here he meet with Raquel LeFey and she agreed to help him out.

This made Anthony really, really happy.

Raquel told Anthony not to worry and that she would take care of everything.

As Anthony was leaving, Raquel offered him a bouquet of purple flowers.

That night Raquel arranged to meet Ariel Poindexter at the Flying Vee Coffeehouse on the other side of the bay.

They chatted briefly about school stuff.

Then Raquel proceeded to do what she had come to do.

She attempted to place a Toadification spell on Ariel.

But the spell backfired on her.

She then went to the Viernes’ house in town to put a spell on Tracie, but no one was home.

Raquel went back to the plantation and she thought: Ariel and Tracie may have gotten away this night, but they won’t get away for long.


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