The History of Twin Bayous – Toads in the Garden

For a character listing please see cast of characters

Raquel was attending music school and the thing that she loved most was to play her guitar and to make beautiful music.

The music school gave Raquel an idea and her plan now was to lure Ariel and Tracie to the Big Event Venue at night with a promise of free tickets to a rock concert.

Raquel let Anthony know all about the plan and he eagerly showed up so he could watch as Ariel and Tracie were turned into toads.

When her intended victims were a no-show, Raquel asked Anthony if he wanted to make out.

The pair then sat on a bench behind the Big Event Venue making out until well past curfew.

Raquel then invited Anthony back to the plantation.

And out back on the veranda, Raquel and Anthony went skinny dipping in the hot tub.

Things then got hotter in the hot tub.

The pair watched the sunrise over the town of Twin Bayous.

In another part of town, Raquel’s friend Ronnie Ringwald was also feeling a sense of a new dawn.

She had just given birth to a son named Donovan.

In yet another part of town Aric Viernes was seen out walking his son Theron Goombah in a stroller.

A few nights later Raquel and Anthony were having dinner at Varg’s Tavern when suddenly Raquel had a new idea about how she could guarantee that the next time she tried to cast spells on Ariel and Tracie that she would have a back-up in case the spell failed.

When she went back home that night she went down to the basement under the barn and she looked up a few things in the Big Book of Alchemy.

She then looked into her mother’s casket where Morgan kept all of her special ingredients and Raquel made certain that what she needed was there in the casket.

Yet unfortunately her father caught her going into Morgan’s things and he was not at all happy.

Raquel then came up with a new plan, one where she would rely solely on her own magic abilities.

Raquel invited all her friends over for a pool party, but instead it turned out to be a sprinkler party as her mother cast a spell over the party so that no one went into her swimming pool. They instead played in the sprinklers in the garden as Morgan thought that this would be good for the crops.

Raquel met Ariel on the portico and they exchanged pleasantries.

Then before Ariel had a chance to get away Raquel produced her magick wand and started waving it in his direction.

Raquel intoned the magickal words that she had learned from the Big Book of Alchemy

In the blink of an eye Ariel was enveloped in a swampy greenish haze.

Ariel stared down at his feet which were now green and webbed.

Raquel had succeeded in turning Ariel into a toad.

Raquel then turned her attention to her next victim. She found Tracie in the garden playing in one of the sprinklers.

Using the same spell she chanted for Ariel, Tracie too was cloaked in a swampy greenish haze.

Tracie Viernes had also been turned into a toad.

Raquel sarcastically thanked Tracie for coming to her party.

Tracie responded by telling Raquel that they were no longer friends.

Despite the side show the party continued on into the evening.

It seemed that Donna Gentille was the one who was having the most fun.

Anthony was very grateful to Raquel for helping him exact revenge on Ariel and Tracie. Raquel said that she was happy to have been of service.

It was late and the only ones left in the garden were Raquel’s father, Anton and Donna Gentille. As Anton watched Donna Gentille playing in the sprinklers he became enchanted by her.

Anton told Donna that she was more than welcomed to come over anytime and play in his sprinklers.


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