The History of Twin Bayous – Do you want flies with that?

For a character listing please see cast of characters

One morning, Morgan LeFey was sitting on her veranda looking out over the Gulf of Simexico.

Looking out at the beautifully calm water gave her an idea. She went out, jumped on her broom, and rode away.

She decided that instead of lounging around looking out at the Gulf…

…she would go to the beach and go for a swim in the warm waters.

Up the hill above the beach, Ariel Poindexter arrived at the Le Nize restaurant to meet his date for dinner.

After they ate, Ariel turned around and stopped Tracie by the door.

He presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Then Ariel got down on one knee and asked Tracie to marry him.

Tracie said yes and they took a romantic photo together.

In another part of town, Donna Clemens was sitting at the downstairs bar in Varg’s Tavern.

She was quietly sipping a drink while she waited for someone to arrive.

Anton LeFey had asked her to meet her there and she was wondering if she was doing the right thing.

Donna’s daughter, Jacqueline had aged-up to become a pretty little girl.

Now that she had a baby brother, Jaqueline was feeling neglected by both of her parents.

In yet another part of town, Jacqueline’s father Jack was out riding his motorcycle.

Jack was up to no good. He had spent the morning playing pranks on random town folks and now he was plotting revenge against his future in-laws for the way they were treating Donna.

Jack planned to place a flaming bag of poo on the Gentille’s doorstep.

But he got caught by Donna’s brother, Donnie. At first Donnie was being friendly with Jack as they spoke with each other for the first time.

Suddenly Donnie blew up at Jack and started yelling at him. He called Jack an idiot and claimed that Jack was mistreating his sister by not having yet married her despite their now having two children.

Donnie told Jack that if he did not marry Donna soon, he was certain to lose her. Jack did not like a word that Donnie said.

As Jack rode his motorcycle back towards the farm, Donnie’s words of warning were starting to sink in. Jack figured he had better do something and do it quick.


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