The History of Twin Bayous – I ran all the way home…

Please note the Introduction has been updated to reflect a correction in the description of the legacy challenge upon which this story is based.

When Jack arrived back at the farm he raced into the house looking for his fiancé, Donna.

When he found that she was not at home he got on the phone and called her cell.

Donna was still at Varg’s Tavern waiting for Anton LeFey. When Jack called her, he did not ask where she was. He asked to please meet him at the cathedral as soon as she could.

Jack waited at the cathedral for what seemed like a long time. He was getting scared that Donna might not show up.

Eventually Donna did arrive at the cathedral…

Jack made a heartfelt apology to Donna for the callous way in which he had been treating her. He asked her to forgive him and he promised that things would be different between them going forward.

Jack and Donna were then married in the cathedral.

When they returned home to farm, they both vowed that they were going to work hard to make their marriage work.

Overhearing her parents downstairs gave Jacqueline some comfort, but she still felt that she was being neglected.

In another part of town Jacqueline’s uncle Chad was having a very strange experience. He was at the Java Hut when he encountered a ghost.

The ghost claimed to be his grandfather, Billy Oldham – Chad’s mother’s father. Chad had difficulty understanding what the ghost was saying, but he did catch something about Henri Dutranoit. It sounded as if the ghost was trying to warn Chad about something.

Earlier Chad had called up his girlfriend Tabitha and asked her to meet him at the coffee shop. He knew that she was a Dutranoit and a witch. Perhaps she would know something about the ghost.

Tabitha assured Chad that she knew very little about her grandfather and had never heard of Billy Oldham.

Chad then changed the subject to the real reason why he had asked Tabitha to meet him at the coffee shop. He wanted to ask Tabitha to marry him.

Tabitha’s life-long dream was coming true. She had been in love with Chadrick Gentille since she was a little girl.

The rest of Tabitha’s family was down the street at the arcade.

Her brother Samuel was on fire with rage.

His supernatural clairvoyance was telling him that his on again/off again girlfriend Colleen Clemens was cheating on him with Teddy Stoney.

Samuel knew that Colleen was in the park and so he went there to confront her.

At first Colleen was intimidated by Samuel’s crazed werewolf behavior and she recoiled in horror.

But she was now so fed up with Samuel’s demeanor that she suddenly found the courage to get back at him and with a newspaper in hand, Colleen gave Samuel several strong smacks on the head.

Needless to say Colleen Clemens and Samuel LeFey were now broken-up.

Back at the arcade Raquel was stopped by Arnold Poindexter. Arnold had something important that he wanted to discuss with her.

Arnold did not waste any time and he came right to point. He told Raquel that he was very unhappy that she had turned his son into a toad. Then he told her that if she did not change Ariel back into a normal human within the next 48 hours that he would file a lawsuit against the LeFey’s and sue her and her family for every dime they had.

Raquel could tell by Mr. Poindexter’s tone that he was 100% serious and she had a horrible picture in her mind of what her parents would do if they heard of this. Without any further discussion Raquel told Arnold that she would change his son back right away.

Raquel was not certain that she actually knew how to reverse or to remove the spell. One thing that she recalled reading in the Big Book of Alchemy was that if someone were to kiss the Toad that the spell would be broken. Raquel needed to find someone who would be willing to kiss Ariel the Toad. The first person she saw was Janny Ringwald and so Raquel approached the young woman with a proposition.

Janny was being a little thick headed and was not getting what Raquel was asking of her. Raquel decided that she needed to try a different approach.

Using her supernatural hypnotic powers Raquel attempted to bring Janny under her spell.

The spell seemed to work and Raquel then lead Janny to where Ariel was in the arcade.

But when Raquel told Janny to kiss the toad, Janny balked and muttered something about just remembering that she had left something in the oven at home.

When Janny walked away Ariel asked Raquel why she didn’t just kiss him herself.

Raquel agreed to give Ariel a kiss and expected that this would break the spell.

Something did happen and Ariel was enveloped in fog of yellow smoke.

Yet nothing actually happened and Ariel was still a toad.

Raquel was very angry that Ariel had not change and she accused Ariel of being an ingrate. Raquel would need to try something else to change Ariel back to human.


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