The History of Twin Bayous – Mother knows best

Raquel needed help and so she texted her sister Tabitha and told her to come to the arcade.

Tabitha tried not to giggle when she heard that her sister’s kiss failed to break the spell. Tabitha was sure that she was a better kisser than Raquel.

Tabitha went to where Ariel was waiting and she had to explain to him that she was going to kiss him and not the other way around.

Tabitha gave Ariel the Toad a quick peck on the side of his wart covered head.

And when her kiss failed, Tabitha was as angry at Ariel as her sister Raquel had been when her kiss failed.

The two sisters went back home to the plantation. Raquel was going to have to find another way to change Ariel back to human.

The next morning Raquel asked her sister to please try again, but Tabitha wanted no part in this anymore.

Raquel came up with new plan. She would enlist her brother Samuel to kiss Tracie Viernes. If her brother could change Tracie back, Tracie would hopefully kiss her boyfriend and change him also.

But Samuel’s kiss only managed to cause Tracie to change her clothes and Tracie then wanted to kiss Samuel.

Samuel want nothing to do with Tracie. He was through with cheaters.

Raquel then made an interesting discovery. She discovered that her brother, Quentin, was already in a romantic relationship with Tracie Viernes. (And here she had thought that her brother did not even like girls).

Raquel begged Quentin to please help her out. After some playing around, Quentin agreed to help his sister.

Later that night Quentin asked Tracie to meet him the garden at the plantation.

Quentin kissed Tracie, but his kiss backfired and he was momentarily enveloped in yellowish haze.

Finally Raquel and Quentin’s mother, Morgan, decided that the nonsense had go on long enough.

Morgan came into garden where Quentin and Tracie were standing.

Without saying a word Morgan tossed down a bottled potion at the feet of the toad girl.

For a brief moment Tracie was cloaked in bluish green haze.

And then she was transformed into her old bad self.

Morgan then gave Tracie a bottle of the same potion and instructed her to use the potion on Ariel.

At that same time, Raquel was in the basement where she encountered an apparition who was claiming that her great-grandfather had murdered him.


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