The History of Twin Bayous – Heir to Today…

Raquel called up her BFF Ronnie Ringwald and told her that it was time to throw another party.

Raquel asked Ronnie “Your place or mine?” and Ronnie said she would make all the plans to have the party at the Ringwald mansion.

Meanwhile Tracie met Ariel at the arcade and when Ariel saw Tracie he knew right away that there was good news.

Tracie tossed down the bottled potion at her boyfriend’s feet and for a brief moment Ariel was cloaked in a smoky haze.

The couple were very thrilled to be back to normal.

They celebrated with a kiss.

Ronnie Ringwald prepared everything for the big party.

All of the invited guests arrived for the big event. Ariel Poindexter thought it would be fun come dressed as zombie as his way of mocking Raquel LeFey.

Jack and Donna could not resist playing in the Ringwald sprinklers.

Ronnie thanked her friend Raquel for coming. Many others in town had turned against Raquel and her family, but Ronnie stood by her side.

Then came the reason why all had gathered. Ronnie was the first to blow out the candles.

Everyone got out party favors and made lots of noise.

Ronnie Ringwald aged up to young adult and she became the first of the 8 generation # two heirs. Veronica’s traits were now Adventurous, Clumsy, Light Sleeper, Bot Fan and Lucky.

The next one to celebrate was Ronnie’s fiancé Dominick Stoney.

Dominick became the second heir in gen two. His traits were now Party animal, Good, Friendly, Natural cook, and Green Thumb.

The third gen 2 heir was Raquel LeFey. Her traits were now Disciplined, Virtuoso, Photographer’s Eye, Vegetarian, and Natural Born Performer.

Heir number four was Anthony Goombah. His traits were now Photographer’s eye, Excitable, Ambitious, Family Oriented, and Mooch.

The fifth heir of the second generation was Jack Clemens. His traits were now Clumsy, Coward, Angler, Workaholic, and Artistic.

Heir #6 was Jack’s wife, Donna Clemens. Donna’s traits were now Couch potato, Good, Angler, Can’t Stand Art, and Mean Spirited.

Jack and Donna were not getting along as well as they both hoped they would.

Heir #7 was Tracie Viernes. Her traits were now Evil, Ambitious, Lucky, Cat Person, and No Sense of Humor

Number eight was Ariel Poindexter. His traits were now Unstable, Neat, Eccentric, Grumpy, and Athletic. His unstable trait was causing his other traits to change now and then.

When the party was over Ronnie went outside to say goodbye to all her guests.

Looking up Ronnie saw a beautiful rainbow over the town of Twin Bayous. The year was 1903 (AS).


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