The History of Twin Bayous – All Together Now

In the year 1903(AS), there was a huge graduation ceremony as many students needed to graduate that year. The ceremony was so large that not all students and guests could fit inside the auditorium at the town hall. Some itinerant entertainers took advantage of the situation, putting on little shows outside town hall.

For a brief while Ronnie Ringwald and Raquel Goombah played together in a band and occasionally they would appear at the Sunrise Sports Bar.

Despite the little feuds going amongst the various townsfolks, everyone hung out at the same place in town.

A stranger to town would think that everyone here in town were all good friends.

But the ill feelings still lingered.

And those who once were friends were now no longer friends.

Tracie Viernes settled down for a while after her laptop broke and she and Ariel grew closer.

And she and Ariel Poindexter got married at the cathedral.

Ronnie’s sister Xena aged up to YA.

The Ringwalds threw another big party as they had become famous for.

Xena and Juan were married in the cathedral and Ronnie cried at her sister’s wedding.

Tabitha LeFey and Chadrick Gentille were also married in the cathedral that year.

They bought a nice house in the Palms District right on the north side of the bay. Here they settled into a life of comfort. He, a doctor, and she, a doctor’s wife.

Tonia Poindexter moved in with Tabitha’s brother, Quentin LeFey. Quentin loved to give Tonia makeovers by throwing fairy dust in her face.

Teddy Stoney and Bubbles Goombah were now married.

Tracie Poindexter gave birth to a baby girl named Julia.

And Raquel Goombah gave birth to a baby boy named Romero.

Raquel’s mother’s magickal abilities improved with age and so did her beauty.

Morgan LeFey would occasionally put on a Magick act at Varg’s Tavarn. The year was now 1905 (AS).


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