The History of Twin Bayous – Affair with a Vampire – Part Two

Donna’s eldest child, Jacqueline Clemens was now a teenager.

Like her mother, Jacqueline loved to skate on the ponds at Central Park.

And she had a boyfriend – Theron Viernes.

Despite the fact that Jacqueline felt neglected by her parents, her life was fairly normal.

That is until she met Anton LeFey…

Anton Lefey, a man married with children and of an unknown age, had been infatuated with Jacqueline’s mother Donna Clemens ever since her first saw her playing in the sprinklers in his garden.

He had attempted to start an affair with her, but she failed to meet him at the rendezvous he had arranged and he let things drop when he heard that she had gotten married.

But when Donna’s name came up in a recent conversation with his daughter Raquel, Anton began once again to think about Donna and it became an obsession.

One night Anton could control his obsession no longer and sitting in his dining room he composed a love letter to Donna and wrote that he would be visiting her farm in a few days.

Anton arrived at the Clemens Valley Farm on the day that he said he would in the letter to Donna, but no answered the door when he rang the bell.

Crestfallen, he was about to leave and go home and when he turned around he was greeted by one of the most beautiful girls he had seen in his long life.

Jacqueline Clemens invited Anton in. Jacqueline was a bit taken aback by Anton’s glowing eyes. She said that she thought that her mother would be home soon. She and her mother did not communicate well with each other so Jacqueline knew nothing about Anton LeFey and her mother.

She asked Mr. LeFey to wait in the foyer while she went down to the basement.

Anton sensed where Jacqueline was in the house and followed her to the game room. He suggested that they play a game of billiards while he waited for her mother to come home. Jacqueline felt as if she was coming under some sort of spell from the strange man.

And that is all that happened. They played a few games of pool and when it got too late, Anton left and went home.

Actually one thing did happen. While they were playing pool Anton realized that he was no longer obsessed with Donna and he had developed a new obsession for Donna’s daughter, Jacqueline.

The following afternoon Anton called Jacqueline asked her to meet him at the community farm across the road from the Clemens’s farm.

It was around sunset when they met at outside the community farm. Jacqueline felt that she was becoming attracted to this strange, but interesting man.

There was some sort of function going on the community lot and Anton did not like that there so many people around. So he suggested to Jacqueline that they go someplace else.

Anton suggested that they go instead to Bridgeview Park. Here they had a lovely view of the Gulf Bridge.

The couple sat and watched the stars.

Then Anton brought the girl under his spell.

He kissed her…


…she kissed him.

They wound up at the diner near the university and pair stayed out all night.

As the sun was rising, Anton was back at the plantation resting in his mausoleum.



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