The History of Twin Bayous – Generation Three

The year was now 1909 (AS) and the third generation was starting to grow up.

Each of the Viernes children now have children of their own. Sue (Viernes) Goombah has two children; a girl and a boy. Aric Viernes also has two children, both of whom are now teen agers. Tracie has a daughter named Julie Poindexter. Juan has one child.

The Poindexter’s have three grandchildren. Julie is the daughter of Ariel and Tracie Poindexter.

The LeFey’s also have three grandchildren. Raquel has two children: a son named Romero and daughter named Avalon. Tabitha has one son named Lance.

The Gentile’s have four grandchildren. Donna’s eldest is Jacqueline and her sons are Donald and Sawyer.

The Goombah’s have eight grandchildren. Their son Yada-yada is married to Sue Viernes. Zelda is married to Aric Viernes. Anthony is married to Raquel LeFey. Bubbles is married to Teddy Stoney. They have two daughters Keely and Tomeka.

The Stoneys have five grandchildren. Dominick and Ronnie have two children: Donovan and Jamie. Mandy is married to Samuel Lefey, but they do not live together. They have one child: Olivia. Teddy Stoney is married to Bubbles.

The Ringwalds have six grandchildren. Ulysses is married to Janny Ringwald and they have two children: Samson and Damion. Ronnie is married to Dominick Stoney and their two children are Donovan and Jamie. Waldo is married to Angelica Poindexter and they have one child. Xena is married to Juan Viernes and they one child named Xavier.

The Clemens family have five grandchildren.

Below are detailed the generation three heir candidates.
The heir candidates of the Lefey/Goombah.
Romero Goombah (b. 1905) – Neurotic, Loner, Friendly

Avalon Goombah (b. 1907)

The heir of the Poindexter/Viernes families
Julie Poindexter (b. 1905) – Coward, Good, Couch Potato

The heir candidates of the Ringwald/Stoney families
Donovan Stoney (b. 1895) [away at boarding school]

Jamie Stoney (b. 1905) – never nude, genius, brave

Rochelle Stoney (b. 1909)

The heir candidates of the Clemens/Gentille families
Jacqueline Clemens (b. 1894)

Donald Clemens (b. 1897)

Sawyer Clemens (b. 1905) – Brave, Slob, ???



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