The History of Twin Bayous – Mark Clemens, Private Eye – Pt. 2

After several hours of reviewing footage from security cameras around town, Mark took a short break to chat with someone online.

He started a chat session with Celia Ringwald. The flower show at the community center was hosted by Celia. She told Mark that she did not recall seeing Jacqueline at the flower show. The only odd thing that she recalls it that at one point she saw Anton LeFey standing outside the gate around sunset, but she never saw Mr. LeFey come inside the farm house. She is certain that Anton would have said hello to her and ask her about her day. Mark thanked Celia for the chat, but he didn’t think there was anything to her observation in regards to Mr. LeFey. Anton had always been a lurker.

After the chat session with Celia, Mark went back to reviewing the footage from security cameras. By now he had looked at images from Sim Burger, the Arcade, and Java Hut; all places he thought that his granddaughter would have visited on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Working his way from east to west across the town of Twin Bayous, Mark came to the small park known as Bridgeview. It was here, in the security camera footage for Tuesday night, that Mark found what he was looking for…

Mark extracted and printed out a single black-and-white frame from the camera feed. It clearly showed his granddaughter watching and listening to someone playing a guitar.

Mark decided that he needed some help and so he called up Sheriff Viernes and ask that they meet. Sherriff Viernes suggested that they meet mid-span on the Gulf Bridge. Mark asked his friend, Jose, why they should meet on the bridge and Jose replied that he thought it was a cool thing to do.

They met on the bridge. Mark showed the photograph to the Sheriff and asked if he could help identify the guitar player shown in the photo.

Jose told Mark that he didn’t think that he would be able to help him, but he did know someone who could…

Jose explained that his daughter Tracie knew everything about everyone in town and that she should be able to ID the guitar player in the photo.

Mark went to the Old Creole Townhouse and met with Jose’s daughter, Tracie.

At first Tracie seemed very eager to help Mark in making an ID of the guitar player.

But when Mark showed Tracie the picture taken from a security camera at Bridgeview Park…

…Tracie suddenly changed her demeanor…

…she told Mark that she was sorry, but she was not going to able to help him.

Mark knew right away that the young woman was hiding something from him. He pleaded with her to tell him what she knew, but Tracie insisted that she knew nothing about the guitar player in the picture.

As soon as Mark left her house, Tracie threw a fit.

But Mark did not go too far away. He waited across the street in the park and when Tracie left her house, he trailed her across the park to the corner grocery where the young woman made a call from a public telephone.

Mark overheard everything that Tracie said over the phone. From the one-sided conversation, Mark was not only able to figure out who Tracie was talking to, but he knew where she was going next. Instead of him following her, Tracie followed Mark to a home on the bay in the Palms District.

Mark broke into… that is surreptitiously entered… the house and then made himself at home in the living room.

In a short while Mark heard voices in the entry way. Tracie was warning her ex-boyfriend Chad Gentille that a private detective was asking about him.

Chad went upstairs and Mark waited until Tracie went into the library alone. Then he surprised and confronted her.

The charade was over and Mark yelled out for the other party to come into the library.

Chad Gentille came into the room. Turning on the charm he started to pretend to be surprised to see Tracie Viernes and Mark Clemens inside his house.

Mark was not buying the BS. He told Chad that he knew that he was the guitar player seen in the image from Bridgeview Park. He demanded that Chad tell him what he knew about Jacqueline’s disappearance.

There was a brief showdown in the library. But Tracie and Chad backed down when Mark told them that he could make things difficult for each of them if they didn’t come clean with him.

Chad finally admitted that it was not worth his reputation to continue to try and protect his wife’s family. He told Mark that last Tuesday night he saw Mark’s granddaughter at Bridgeview Park with Chad’s father-in-law, Anton LeFey.

The weather had cleared up when Mark left Chad’s house in the Palms district and headed out to the LeFey Plantation.


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