The History of Twin Bayous – Mark Clemens, Private Eye – Pt. 3

Searching for clues as to the disappearance of his granddaughter, Mark walked onto the grounds of LeFey Plantation and began to look around.

It did not appear that there was anyone in the main house, but just in case Mark decided to focus on the barn and the surrounding area.

He moved quickly and carefully throughout the grounds.

On the far side of the barn Mark made a chilling discovery.

Near the back side of barn Mark found what at first appeared to be an un-marked grave. Yet after mourning briefly, Mark suddenly realized that although the grave was un-marked, it was not new. This grave had been here for many, many years.

The next morning, Mark got into another argument with his daughter-in-law.

But this time he made her realize that her daughter was actually missing.

Mark skipped out on breakfast and headed out to the Eastern Annex side of town. His destination was the fortune telling wagon owned by Morgan LeFey.

Mark staked-out the joint and waited for Mrs. LeFey to arrive for work.

Before Morgan had a chance to go inside the wagon, Mark confronted her and pointedly ask the woman if she knew where his granddaughter was.

At first Morgan took the defensive approach and insisted that she did not know what Mark was talking about.

But her attitude suddenly changed when Mark mentioned how much Jacqueline’s family missed her and how the girl’s mother was very upset over her daughter’s disappearance.

Morgan told Mark that she might be able to help him. That is she would like very much to help him. She said that she would help as much as she could.

That is… she would think about it…

Mark said that he would wait while Morgan thought about it and while he stood there waiting, Mrs. LeFey started to cry.

Mark started to walk away and pretended that he was leaving. Morgan stopped weeping and then told Mark that she agreed to help him find his granddaughter.

Morgan then suddenly pulled out her magick wand.

She apologized to Mark for having to do this…

…as she cast a spell on him to make him forget everything that he had seen and heard…

Then to test that if the spell had actually worked…

…Mrs. LeFey grabbed Mr. Clemens and kissed him hard on the mouth.

To which Mr. Clemens responded: “What on earth did you do that for? You nearly broke my teeth!”

Morgan tried one more test to make sure that her spell had worked. She showed Mark some sleight of hand…

…then she did a kind of Vulcan mind-meld that didn’t do anything more than make Mark more confused.

Convinced that Mark was sufficiently confused… that is, sufficiently brainwashed… Morgan took the bus home.

As soon as Morgan arrived home, she called Jacqueline into the library.

Morgan explained to the girl about having meet Jacqueline’s grandfather. She told her of how much her family misses her and of how she thought that Jacqueline should go home to her parents.

Morgan told the girl that she was going to miss her and she asked Jacqueline if she should turn her back into a regular girl.

Jacqueline thanked Morgan for helping her and said that she would wait for a while before asking Morgan to change her back.

Morgan asked one favor of Jacqueline and that was for the girl to give her some of her magikal herbs. She granted Morgan’s wish saying that she did not realize that she had magikal herbs.

Jacqueline then said goodbye to Morgan….

…and went home to her family.


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