The History of Twin Bayous – As Luck Would Have It

Colleen Clemens has a problem and every now and then, she needs a fix. And so she goes to see her dealer friend, Quentin LeFey…

…and she scores some Fairy Dust from Quentin.

Sometimes she cannot even make it home and has to get her freak on right there in the parking lot of the Big Show Venue where Quentin hangs out.

Then she goes home and hopes no one notices that she is high on Fairy Dust.

One Saturday morning while watching cartoons with his grown son, Tams, Mark Clemens suddenly realized something was not right and he jumped up off the couch. “That girl put a spell on me,” he exclaimed.

Mark was suddenly feeling lucky and he became convinced that Morgan LeFey had cast a good luck charm on him. Therefore, he told his son Tams to get in the car and they were going to go to the Sunrise Sports Bar and do some gambling.

They started out at the poker table and stayed there until Tams lost all his money. Mark however won over 1000 simoleans. When Tams left and went home, Mark stayed and won more money at the roulette table.

Later when the theatre let out a crowd came into the bar and Mark bought several rounds of drinks for everyone.

Mark had a number of drinks. He saw Ronnie Ringwald sitting at the bar, but he mistook her for her mother Celia.

Thinking that Ronnie was Celia, Mark told the young woman thanks for helping him the other day when he was looking for his granddaughter. Ronnie really could not hear Mark over the loud music and she thought that he was asking her to dance.

So Ronnie and Mark got up to dance…

…and they danced through last call and until the bar closed.

Both had had too much to drink so they went outside to wait on cabs to take them to their homes.

As they sat and talked…

…Mark must have been misreading Ronnie…

…because when he went to put his arm around her…

…Ronnie freaked out and called Mr. Clemens “a major creep”.

Chad Gentille was standing there and he “saw the whole thing”.

Mark told Chad to “bugger off”. Then he got up and staggered over to where Ronnie Ringwald stood unsteadily.

Mark apologized and Ronnie accepted his apology, but this did not stop Chad from jumping on his smart phone and texting Tracie Viernes with some juicy gossip.


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