The History of Twin Bayous – An Affair to Forget

One evening Tracie Viernes hosted an event at the Java Hut to raise money for her mother’s re-election. At the event, Chad Gentille seemed to spend a lot of time talking to Tracie.

Tabitha Gentille was not at all happy that her husband was paying so much attention to Tracie – a person she could not stand.

From what Tabitha could hear of their conversation was that her husband was gossiping about the Clemens and Ringwald families – something that he had witnessed at the Sunrise Sports Bar.

When Tracie left the room Tabitha blew-up at her husband and let Chad know that she was not happy that he engaged in gossip and that she was even more unhappy that he was talking to Tracie Viernes.

Tabitha was very upset that Tracie was spreading gossip about her family – particularly her sister, Raquel – and she demanded that Chad stop associating with Tracie.

Meanwhile at the LeFey plantation, Raquel was enjoying a late brunch with her father. She was telling her father how happy she was that Ronnie Ringwald had joined the band at the theatre.

The other family members were the in dining room enjoying the brunch.

After brunch, Morgan LeFey had some chores to attend to. Her vintner had informed her that there was no more room in the nectar racks for new nectar and that she should probably select some bottles to sell at the nectar store.

So Morgan selected nectar bottles for sell. Collecting bottles from an entire rack, she made a trip to the Sim Mart on Eastern Avenue.

When she arrived, the nectar seller was out for lunch and she decided to sample some of the nectar from the tasting rack while she waited.

After she had a number of glasses of nectar, Morgan passed the time by practicing her magick. As she was practicing a love charm, she accidentally cast a love charm on herself.

Morgan tasted some more nectar before selling her nectar to the nectar seller.

Then Morgan went into the clothing department where there was music playing. Morgan was a bit juiced and she started dancing to the music.

What Morgan did not know was that Mark Clemens was there in the clothing department looking for a new suit. He walked up to Morgan and asked her about her day.

The love charm that Morgan had cast on herself suddenly kicked in. Morgan embraced Mark and told him that she had been thinking of him.

Then she kissed Mark for a second time and this time Mark reacted in a very positive manner.

Morgan told Mark that she knew of a place where they could be alone and then the pair drove off into the sunset.

Their destination was the old abandoned LeFey mansion in the Eastern Annex…

…where they kissed again on the porch.

In the morning Mark Clemens woke up in one of the bedrooms in the old LeFey mansion.

Going downstairs, Mark found Morgan waiting by the front door.

The couple embraced and they kissed once more.

Then Morgan apologized to Mark and told him that she was very sorry for what she was about to do. As before, Mark was mildly confused by what she was saying.

Morgan then produced her magick wand and pointed it at Mark. Mark cowered at the sight of the wand; not knowing what to expect.

Then Morgan cast a spell on Mark making him forget what had taken place the previous day and night.

Mark was response to this was to ask Morgan: “Where am I?”


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