The History of Twin Bayous – Let’s Celebrate Spooky Day!

Every year the LeFey family hosted a Spooky Day celebration at the old Dutranoit plantation on the far north end of Twin Bayous.

Every year they prepared for the Spooky Day party by carving four of the largest pumpkins from Morgan LeFey’s garden. It was a tradition and the LeFey family was a very tradition minded family.

Keeping traditions meant also keeping a clean reputation. This was Morgan LeFey’s biggest concern; protecting her family’s reputation. She would rather they all be turned into mummies than to have suffer the slings and arrows of an outrageous reputation. Morgan kept her children and grandchildren in line and scolded them if they crossed the line.

To ensure that everyone had a good time at her Spooky Day bash, Morgan would cast a spell over the entire party so that everything would go well and that the partiers would have a really good time, but would only remember the good and wholesome events of the party.

For it was that Morgan LeFey had a naughty side and she was very keen on getting back at her husband for all his philandering ways. One person Morgan had invited to the party was her lover the writer Mark Clemens and she meant to keep their affair secret and at the same time let her husband stew in his suspicions that something was going on.

The partiers all came in costume and this year the LeFey family hosted the biggest Spooky Day celebration that the plantation had seen in over 50 years. Morgan thought it funny that most of the women came dressed as slutty cheerleaders and that most of the men came dressed as horny hotdogs.

Morgan, dressed as an astronaut, was so confident enough that her spell was working that at one point she decided to test it out.

Finding Mark Clemens, she grabbed him in an amorous hug and boldly kissed him in front of everyone.

From that point on it was a real party! In another part of the house, Samuel LeFey was bit juiced when he started hitting on his wife’s sister-in-law Ronnie Stoney.

Ronnie needed to remind Samuel that he was married to her sister-in-law the former Mandy Stoney.

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about that bitch.” Samuel slurred. Ronnie was shocked by what Samuel said, but she would forget all that about later on.

Reminded that he was still married to Mandy, Samuel searched the house for his estranged wife and when he found her in the sauna, he told that he wanted a divorce.

Mandy was perfectly happy to grant Samuel a divorce, but not before implying that Samuel’s mother was a llama.

Then something special occurred that made the party a huge success. Raquel and Anthony left the party to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Raquel gave birth to baby girl whom she named Ursula.

Morgan was very happy with the way this year’s Spooky Day celebration went. She had a new granddaughter.

As for the party attendees, they were very confused as they were leaving the party.

They stayed on the portico of the LeFey plantation until Morgan came outside and told them all to leave and go home.


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