The History of Twin Bayous – Romero & Julie

Romero was the son of Anthony Goombah and Raquel Lefey. Julie was the daughter of Ariel Poindexter and Tracie Viernes. The Goombah/LeFey families hated the Poindexter/Viernes families and the feeling was mutual on both sides. Yet Romero and Julie were in love with each other.

One weekend Romero’s family went out of town and he invited Julie over to spend the weekend at the plantation.

The couple spent most of Saturday sitting in the living room watching movies on the television.

In the evening, they made out on the couch.

Romero did not expect his parents to come home until late on Sunday. Julie spent the night and slept with Romero in his room.

But instead of coming home late Sunday night, Raquel and family arrived home in the early morning hours on Sunday and the first thing that Raquel did was to go to her son’s room to check on him.

Walking in to Romero’s room Raquel was shocked to find a girl sleeping in her son’s bed.

She was even more shocked when she discovered that the girl was Julie Poindexter, daughter of her hated rival Tracie Poindexter.

Raquel and Julie got into a loud argument that ended with Raquel telling Julie to get out of the house.

However, Julie did not leave and she and Romero went and hid in the sauna.

Raquel was not at all happy when she discovered where the pair were hiding. Calling out Julie, Raquel, in her anger, cast a spell on her son’s girlfriend.

The spell was much worse than the one that Raquel had cast on Julie’s mother many years ago – it was a haunting curse spell.

The curse caused Julie to be haunted by a variety of random apparitions and ghosts. Julie fainted at the sight of her first ghost.

Romero was furious with his mother.

Mother and son argued loudly in the third-floor hallway.

It ended with Raquel telling her son to get out of her face.

Romero apologized to Julie and he swore to her that he would find a way to lift the curse.

Julie did not seem to know what Romero was talking about, but she told him that she knew he would succeed at anything that he tried.

The couple hugged and then Julie went home.


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