The History of Twin Bayous – In the Year 1916 (AS)

In the year 1916 (AS) Celia Ringwald was now 53 years old and she was a level 10 Power Broker at the business center. Among other things she ran a publishing business and Mark Clemens was her star client.

Celia now had ten grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Julia Clemens was also 53 years old and she was now an Executive Chef (level 8).

Julia had five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Julia’s daughter Colleen wanted to marry her long time fiancé, Donnie Gentille. She was hoping to get Donnie to move off the dime and go to the altar with her. So, one morning she headed to the salon for a makeover.

At the salon she told the stylist exactly what she wanted in terms of a new look…

…but the stylist interpreted that into something entirely different.

Finally Colleen got her way – a new look.

She headed out to the local watering hole where she knew that Donnie would show-up after work at the firehouse.

When Donnie finally did show up, he told Colleen how hot she looked.

He kissed her passionately.

Then they watched a musical performance by Juan Viernes.

When Donnie left suddenly to attend to a fire emergency, Colleen was beginning to wonder if she and Donnie would ever get married.

Colleen still had a problem and she would meet with Quentin LeFey frequently to get her fix of fairy dust. In one meeting, Quentin expressed concern regarding Colleen’s health.

Yet Colleen did not want to hear what Quentin what saying.

Colleen then went from denial to bargaining.

Quentin told her no and said that he was cutting her off.

Colleen then went from the bargaining stage to the anger stage and she unleashed her anger on Quentin’s face.

Then things got physical.

The pair wound up in a major physical altercation.

The result was that Colleen kicked Quentin’s ass, but she also lost her fairy dust supplier.


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