The History of Twin Bayous – A Mountain of Love

Mark Clemens built a tower on top of his barn. He was hoping that from the top of the tower that he would be able to see the house where his lover Morgan LeFey lived.

Yet unfortunately, Llamaback Hill blocked his view.

Therefore, Mark went up the hill…

…and at the top of Llamaback Hill…

…Mark Clemens built a tower…

He paid for the construction of the tower out of his own pocket and planned to sell the tower back to city.

He told everyone that the purpose of the tower was for astronomical observation.

Yet his real purpose was for the observation of the LeFey plantation.

From the tower he hoped to catch a glimpse of the target of his love and adoration.

At first, the citizens of Twin Bayous were calling the tower “Clemens Folly”.

However, eventually they came to see the tower as a unique attraction – comparing it with San Francisco’s Coit Tower.

Clemen’s Tower was visible from all over the town.

Yet in some parts of town, love was not a motivation for some. In the case of Tracie and Ariel Poindexter the motivation was extreme hatred.

Something had happened between the couple that caused them to become enemies.

It was rumored to be due to Ariel’s constantly changing traits; due to his unstable trait.

Others said that it was due to Tracie because she was such an evil woman.

At any rate, the couple divorced and Ariel moved out the Old Creole Townhouse and into a small house in the Palms District.


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