The History of Twin Bayous – The Source Revealed – Pt. 1

News that their son, Ariel, had divorced caused the tension that existed between Arnold and Penny Poindexter to become even more tense.

The couple had been at odds for some time now. It seemed that Penny was unhappy with Arnold and to Arnold it was not entirely clear why Penny was unhappy.

Penny was not happy and Arnold was not happy. Arnold wanted out. He felt that his life had become pointless and he wanted to quit.

Arnold went to the Science Lab where he worked and paid a visit to the secure area behind the lab.

Inside the secure area behind the science lab, there were a number of strange and interesting artifacts.

One of the artifacts in the secure area was what is best described as a portal to another dimension. Its exact name was a secret known only to Arnold and one other person in Twin Bayous.

Only Arnold and this other person knew how to activate the portal. Once activated a person would only have to walk into the portal and then instantly they would be in another dimension.

Wanting to leave Twin Bayous, Arnold walked into the portal…

…and instantly he was transported to another place…

…a very different place.

Arnold wasted no time and he went straight to the Office of the Ministry of Legacies.

Here a woman greeted him who when she saw it was Arnold exclaimed “I was not expecting to see you for at least another 50 sim days.”


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