The History of Twin Bayous – The Source Revealed – Pt. 3

Arnold called the number that Xyz gave him and he spoke with someone named Sharon Shalom.

Sharon asked that Arnold meet her at a future lounge called Loel’s Lounge.

Arnold and Sharon met outside and they seemed to hit it off right away.

They spent the first half of the evening talking about mutual interests.

It was not after too long that they realized that they were attracted to each other.

Then they spent the other part of the evening dancing.

The next day Arnold called Sharon and asked if they could meet again.

Sharon suggested they meet in the park across from the Office of Descendants.

Arnold gave Sharon a kiss.

Then he sent a text message to Xyz confirming that he accepted Sharon as his new associate.

That night they celebrated in a dream pod.

In the morning, Arnold and Sharon activated the portal.

In an instance, they returned to Twin Bayous during a heavy snowstorm.

Arnold figured that now was not a good time to go to the house and see Penny.

They instead went to the Magic Resort and checked in for the night.


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