The History of Twin Bayous – Take my Wife, Please!

One morning Penny realized that she had not seen her husband for a few days. She tried calling his smart phone, but there was no answer.

Penny loved the view of the lighthouse from her backyard so much that she had breakfast out on the patio despite the weather.

Penny was sitting in the living room reading…

…when Arnold suddenly showed up and wanted to talk.
“Where have you been all weekend?” Penny asked her husband.

Arnold explained to Penny that he had gone to the Source.

He told her that he had gone there with the intent of quitting but that their boss at the ministry had convinced him not to quit.

When Arnold told Penny that the ministry had assigned him a new associate and that she, Penny, needed to return to the Source for reassignment, Penny blew up in a rage.

Then Penny calmed down just enough to tell Arnold that she was not going get “into it” with him. Penny told him that she was not leaving. She agreed to grant Arnold a divorce, but he must move out and take his “associate” with him.

That was not Sharon’s cue to come into the room, but she did anyway.

“And how old is this girl?” Penny asked.

“Uh”, Arnold started to answer and then turned to ask Sharon, “How old are you?” “I am twenty-two.” Sharon responded.

Penny was blown away: “Twenty-Two?!!? Arnold, oh my gawd, you’re 30-years older than this girl! Do not say anything! Just go! Just get out! Get the hell out of my house!”



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