The History of Twin Bayous – The Prom and Other Things

A visitor to Twin Bayous in the 1920’s would have seen the town as just another sleepy southern town, but there was a lot of stuff going on in the town in 1924 (AS).

All of the girls in town, which included Avalon Goombah, were spending most of their time worrying about what they were going to wear to the Winter Prom.

Avalon went to the salon and she got what was called in those days a Frank’s Bride hair-do.

Her make-up choice was what was called the Glamgoth style.

Her grandmother thought Avalon looked amazing, but she needed to remind her that the prom was four days away.

Romero was still seeing Julie despite the on-going feud between their parents. They too were planning to go to the prom.

Sawyer Clemens asked Jamie Stoney to the prom and no one was surprised by that.

But no one asked Sawyer’s sister, Jackie to the prom. “What do they think I am? A potted plant?” she asked herself.

Jacqueline’s brother, Donald, married Keely Stoney and they have a son named Arturo

Colleen Clemens was still dealing with her issues involving fairy dust.

She told her father that she kept having crazy dreams about jellyfish attacking Twin Bayous.

Her father suggested that her problems might be because of the fairy dust and that maybe she should get help.

Colleen did get help and she managed to turn her life around.

She and Donnie Gentille were married that year in the cathedral.

Julia Clemens cried at her daughter’s wedding.

Later that year, folks in town could tell that Colleen Gentille was expecting a child and they were very happy for her.

Marks Clemens and Morgan LeFey would continue to have their clandestine meetings. Usually they met behind the diner on University Avenue.

Here they would make out for a little while…

…and then they would head over to the old and abandoned LeFey mansion…

…where they would woohoo in a warm bed.

Donovan Stoney had taken notice of the Ringwald’s live-in maid.

And he was now dating Davina Brennan.

It was not too long afterwards that Davina was taking her meals at the family dining table. Celia was very happy that her grandson had finally found someone, even if it was the help.

Celia’s daughter, Ronnie, turned 40 years old that year.

Ronnie’s daughter Jamie discovered that she was a genius and she made sure that her sister Rochelle knew it.

John Ringwald suggested to his granddaughter that she consider a career in acting and asked her to come down to the studio for a screen test.

The rest of the teens in town discovered an old abandoned quarry on the far southeast side of town and they made it into their hangout.

Such was life in Twin Bayous in the 1920’s.


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