The History of Twin Bayous – The Old Quarry – Pt.1

The kids in the town of Twin Bayous were bored. As far as they were concerned, it was the adults that had all of the fun. Take for example Celia and her daughter Ronnie.

They loved to shoot hoops in the backyard of their mansion.

Both of them were so good at it that they would each “get air” every time.

The kids in town discovered a cool place on the far southeast side of town. The adults did not seem to know about the old, abandoned quarry.

Sawyer Clemens and his friends discovered the place. He, Romero Goombah, and his cousin, Damian Ringwald would go there often and hangout.

One reason that Sawyer was so bored was because his girlfriend, Jamie was spending all of her time either at school or at her grandfather’s movie studio.

One evening Sawyer met Quentin LeFey at the old quarry. His aunt Colleen had once told him about Quentin.

Sawyer asked Mr. LeFey if he could please have some fairy dust. At first, Quentin was reluctant about giving fairy dust to a minor, but he was carrying around so much fairy dust that it was starting to weigh him down.

So, Quentin agreed to give Sawyer some fairy dust.

Sawyer continued to hang out at the quarry after Romero and Damian went home. Some other kids showed up and they all sat around a fire pit.

Finally, Sawyer decided it was time to try out the fairy dust that Quentin had given him.

“Whoa! What a rush!” Sawyer thought to himself while simultaneously saying it aloud.

As it was starting to get late, Quentin thought it best that he go home despite being high on fairy dust.

Meanwhile back at the Clemens’ farm, Damian Ringwald showed up without Sawyer and his aunt Donna wanted to know what the heck was going on – Where was Sawyer?

When Sawyer did get home, he and Damian sneaked down to the basement to play pool. Sawyer was so high he was hallucinating that Damian was a police officer.

“Dude, you are so high right now! Maybe you should go upstairs and crash.” Sawyer’s cousin told him.

Sawyer went upstairs and got into bed.

Donna suspected that something was going on and she told her husband Jack to go upstairs and check on things.

Jack went upstairs where he found his brother Tam and his nephew Damian in Sawyer’s room. He wanted to know what the heck was going on. They told him that they were afraid that Sawyer might have OD’d on fairy dust.

Jack had been around long enough to know that no one has ever OD’d on fairy dust, but that did not stop him from hauling his son’s ass out of bed and giving him stern lecture about the dangers of fairy dust.

Jack remembered how he was when he was a kid and did not want his son repeating the same mistakes.

In the morning, Jack sent Sawyer out behind the barn and made him drive golf balls all day long until the effects of the fairy dust wore off.


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