The History of Twin Bayous – The Old Quarry – Pt.2

Despite the stern lecture that his father had given him, Sawyer Clemens continued to use fairy dust.

One afternoon when his girlfriend was free, he asked her if she would go with him to the old quarry.

Jamie replied, “That sounds like fun! Let’s meet there.” and off they went.

When they got to the old quarry, the sun was just beginning to set and Sawyer told Jamie that he had something special in his pocket for her. At first, Jamie thought Sawyer was making a flirty joke.

But then Sawyer brought out a jar of fairy dust and blew a handful at her.

“Whoa! What a rush!” Jamie thought to herself while simultaneously saying it aloud.

The pair started a fire pit burning and they roasted some veggies to munch on.

Then they cuddled on one of the makeshift sofas and made out.

Afterwards they went back to Sawyer’s family farm to woohoo. His parents were out of the house, but his mother and grandparents came home just as Jamie was leaving. Sawyer’s mother Donna could tell that Jamie was high on fairy dust and she started yelling at her. Jamie was humiliated.

Yet she was also angry that Mrs. Clemens was blaming her when it was all Sawyer’s fault for giving her the fairy dust.

Jamie was not the only one who was being yelled at these days. Julie Poindexter was not getting along with her mother.

Tracie and Julie were constantly getting into fights. Tracie wanted her daughter to break-up with that Goombah boy.

Julie Poindexter was going to be so glad when she would be able get out of “this frickin place.”

Meanwhile the adults in town were protesting outside the parish sheriff’s office demanding that something be done about the old quarry.

Sheriff Viernes spent a few afternoon’s out at the old quarry chasing the kids away. After a while, the old quarry was no longer the cool place to hang out and the kids in town went some place else to get into trouble.


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