The History of Twin Bayous – Happy Birthdaze, 1926

In the year 1926 (AS), Raquel Goombah was quite content with her life.

She was most happy that her eldest son, Romero, was about to age up to young adult.

One afternoon the LeFey family threw a birthday party for Romero. Present at the party was Romero’s sister, Avalon; his father, Anthony; his mother, Raquel; his grandfather, Anton; his uncle, Samuel; and his grandmother, Morgan.

Romero aged up to young adult.

Romero Goombah’s traits were now Loner, friendly, hopeless romantic, neurotic, and insane

In another part of town, at the Old Creole Townhouse, the Vierne’s family were also celebrating a birthday.

Tracie’s daughter, Julie Poindexter was celebrating her transition to young adult.

Julie Poindexter’s traits were now couch potato, vegetarian, good, party animal, and coward.

At the Clemen’s family farm, Donna Clemens was preparing to celebrate her son’s birthday.

Donna’s mother-in-law, Julia, baked a beautiful birthday cake for her grandson.

Everyone in the house gathered around to watch Sawyer blow out the candles.

Unfortunately when he blew out the candles he accidently set fire to the dining room table.

Everyone jumped in to put out the fire.

Remarkably, the fire did not damage the cake and table.

Sawyer blew out the candles.

Sawyer Clemens traits were now Workaholic, hates outdoors, slob, brave, and diva.

While the others started enjoying the birthday cake, Donna Clemens could not stop celebrating her son’s birthday.

After Sawyer’s party was over Donna drove over to her friend Ronnie’s mansion.

Donna and Ronnie got into a little argument.

Ronnie was sick and tired of Donna constantly reminding her about their agreement regarding Sawyer and Jamie’s future.

After Donna left, the Ringwald and Stoney family gathered around the dining room table to celebrate Jamie Stoney’s birthday.

Celia Ringwald was very happy that her granddaughter was aging up to young adult.

After blowing out the candles, Jamie aged up to young adult.

Jamie Stoney’s traits were now genius, brave, flirty, absent minded, and good sense of humor.

While they enjoyed the birthday cake, Ronnie commented that maybe it was time that Jamie thought about going to college.


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