The History Of Twin Bayous – If I had a Hammer…

Anton LeFey suspected that his wife Morgan was having an affair, but he did not say anything to her about it.

He knew that she was meeting her lover at his family’s old and abandoned home in the Eastern Annex.

The house had been heavily damaged by a massive storm that had ravaged the town of Twin Bayous many years ago.

Although it had been forty or more years since the hurricane of 1886, to the older folks in the town the storm seemed like it had happened yesterday and the scar ridden LeFey mansion was constant reminder of what had occurred.

Although Anton only suspected that Morgan was using the old mansion to clandestinely meet with her lover, Anton decided to lock out her and he did this by giving the mansion to his grandson. Anton told Romero that if the young man would fix up the mansion that the house was his.

So Romero went to the old mansion and here he spent many an hour using his magic to restore and upgrade the homestead of his ancestors.

As he progressed on making the house into home, Romero came up with the idea of inviting his closest friends to come and live with him in the mansion.

The first friend he called upon was Sawyer Clemens.

Sawyer was much jazzed about the thought of moving away from the family farm and beginning life as a young adult.

Meanwhile back at the plantation…

Morgan LeFey went in the office in her bedroom. She was on her laptop chatting with her lover, Mark Clemens. She was informing him that they would need to make different plans for their next meeting.


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