The History of Twin Bayous – Fashioning a Fad

Anton Lefey had given to his grandson, Romero Goombah, the keys to the old LeFey mansion in the Eastern Annex and told him that if he restored the old house that the house would be his to live in. Using his magickal skills as a witch, Romero did restore and upgrade the old house and he turned it into a home that he now shared with his friends.

Romero asked Sawyer Clemens and Sawyer’s girlfriend, Jamie Stoney, to move into the LeFey Mansion.

Romero also asked his girlfriend, Julie Poindexter, to come and live with him in the house.

The four enjoyed having their meals on the sweeping back porch.

Everyone was planning on going to college and one afternoon was spent taking the college aptitude test.

Jamie was a genius, but she still needed to take time to ponder the answer to some of the questions.

Julie did pass the test, but she did so only by the skin of her teeth.

Here are the University Aptitude Test Scores

Romero Goombah Total Score 951/2400 Fine Arts 343/400
Julie Poindexter Total Score 857/2400 Communication 139/400
Sawyer Clemens Total Score 899/2400 Technology 235/400
Jamie Stoney Total Score 1544/2400 Fine Arts 303/400

We close this short episode by showing a series of photographs taken of Romero while he is in the throes of the insanity trait that he acquired upon aging up to young adult.


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