The History of Twin Bayous – University Bound

One morning, in the summer of 1926, the gang gathered outside the LeFey mansion and waited for the truck that would take them away from Twin Bayous and to University Town (or Uni-Town as the students called it).

Upon arriving at the house they rented in Uni-town, Sawyer Clemens and Jamie Stoney felt a sense of freedom now that they were away from their families.

Julie felt a little guilty, but she also felt at peace to be away from the clutches of her mean-spirited, gossiping mother.

Before classes started the group spent a few quiet days relaxing and being assimilated to their new environment.

Because no one really knew how to cook, the gang ordered pizza every night for first few days.

Jamie had her own room in the house and she kept it nice and neat.

Julie and Romero shared a room and they slept together in a big double bed.

Sawyer had his own room and slept on single bunk bed. Because he was a slob, his room was always a mess.


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