The History of Twin Bayous – Crazy Arms that Reach to Hold Somebody New

After a few weeks, the gang had by now fallen into sync with their busy schedules.

Although it was never planned, all four of them were always having lunch at Simburger at the exact same time every day. Yet, because they never arrived, nor left together, they always ate alone at separate tables.

One day at lunch, Romero started a nasty little fight with Julie.

He told his girlfriend that he was tired of her lazy, slacker attitude. Julie reacted by heaving a huge sigh and shouting “oh my gawd, you are so boring!”

Romero then made an accusation and implied that Julie must be on fairy dust or something.

Romero then did something shockingly unthinkable: he struck Julie in face with the back of his hand. (Sometime later Romero tried to excuse his action by saying that he was merely trying to knock the fairy dust off of Julie)

Julie immediately left the Simburger. Instead of going to her next class, she went home and locked herself in the bathroom. She sat crying in a tub of water for over an hour.

Julie decided that she needed a change… a change in style, a change in tastes, and perhaps a change in boyfriend. She left the house and went to the library for a couple of hours.

Jamie went home in between classes. As she had some time to kill, she phoned her mother, Ronnie, to see how things were going back in Twin Bayous. Ronnie informed her daughter that something very odd was going on… the bay and the beaches surrounded the town were being invaded by swarms of jellyfish.

Jamie thought at first that her mother was joking and she said it sounded like a plot for one of her grandfather’s sci-fi/horror flicks.

Sawyer had come home after his afternoon class and since he was the only one in the house, he went to his room and laid down to take a nap.

Around five, Julie came into Sawyer’s room and turned on the television set so she could watch cartoons. Sawyer was not too happy being rudely awakened from his slumber.

Yet Julie really was not interested in watching cartoons. What she was interested in was in getting high on fairy dust. Knowing that Sawyer liked to party, she had come to ask him if he wanted to go into woods across the street and share a jar of fairy dust with her. Sawyer got all excited. He clapped his hands and thought happy thoughts.

As soon as Sawyer got dressed the pair ran across the street and along a running path that led into a heavily wooded park.

Once they inside the woods, in place where they were not easily seen by others, Julie handed Sawyer a jar of fairy dust, which he sprinkled half on his head and then gave Julie the jar. Julie then sprinkled the remaining dust on herself.

“Whoa! What a rush!” they said simultaneously aloud.

Julie and Sawyer then sat at a fire pit and carried on a conversation that only they could possibly have understood. This was because the pair were conversing with one another entirely in gibberish.

Later the pair went back to the house. They both thought the hour was really late, yet it was actually quite early. They continued their crazy conversation in kitchen.

As it was that Romero and Jamie were out somewhere, the pair went out back and sat together on the porch to watch the stars.

The next morning Romero rushed into Jamie’s bedroom and told her that he suddenly had this great idea for movie about swarms of jellyfish invading a small town. Jamie asked Romero to leave and let her finish getting dressed. (Later he confessed that he had actually gotten the idea from a conversation he had with his mother on the phone the night before).

After Jamie got dressed she went into the kitchen where she was confronted once more by Romero. He wanted to talk some more about his “great idea”. Not wanting to make Romero angry, Jamie told him that his idea was a good one and that perhaps he should contact her grandfather, the movie director, about his idea for a movie.

Having trouble getting reception on his cell while inside the house, Romero went outside and he boldly called up Jamie’s grandfather, John Ringwald at Plumbob Studios. Mr. Ringwald had no idea who Romero was, but he suggested to the young man that he contact his daughter Xena and schedule an appointment.

Still high on fairy dust from the night before, Julie went into Sawyer’s room once again and woke him up.

Sawyer was still a little juiced himself, but was really in no mood to listen to Julie’s gibberish. In the heat of the moment, wanting to shut the girl up, Sawyer grabbed Julie and kissed her.

Julie then grabbed Sawyer and kissed him back.

Julie then went downstairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. There she came face to face with Romero. When Romero saw how Julie was dressed, he once again started into calling Julie a lazy slacker.

Julie then informed Romero that she was ending their relationship. Julie had been unaware that Jamie was in kitchen preparing her breakfast. Being the polite person that she was, Jamie ignored the whole thing and calmly minded her own business.

Jamie was however upset by the scene that she had pretended not to witness. Instead of finishing her breakfast, she left the room and went to front porch where she sat and read the morning paper. On page two of the local Uni-town paper she read a shocking story about a jelly fish invasion that was going on back in her hometown of Twin Bayous. She suddenly forgot all about what was going on in the kitchen.


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