This History of Twin Bayous – So Complicated

Jamie and Sawyer went out on a date to see a movie at the 25 Frames Cinema. After the movie was over the couple stopped outside to talk.

Sawyer felt that it was the right time for him to get something that was bothering him off his chest. So, he came right out and told Jamie how he and Julie had been fooling around.

At first, Jamie was so shocked by what she had heard her boyfriend say that she was at a total loss for words.

Sawyer started to reach for Jamie, muttering an apology. “Don’t touch me!” Jamie insisted.

Then she turned and went back to the house.

Julie was there at the house when Jamie got back and Jamie aggressively confronted the other woman.

It seems that Jamie blamed Julie more than she blamed Sawyer and as her anger boiled Jamie decided that Julie needed a good slap across her mouth.

Then the two women took to beating on each other with fists and knees.

Moments before it was all over, Sawyer arrived back at the house and for some warped reason he found what he saw to be humorous.

Jamie was not amused that Sawyer found the fight between her and Julie to be amusing. She cornered him in the dining room and told him that it was over between them.

Jamie broke up with Sawyer and she felt a sense of relief.

Later that same evening Sawyer and Julie made out on the front porch.


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