The History of Twin Bayous – Reporting for Duty

When the four arrived back in Twin Bayous, they were told to put on uniforms and report for duty at Fort Beauregard. Julie was all excited and she felt like dancing.

Julie now had some time to talk to Romero. It was her hope that her ex-boyfriend would forgive her and take her back.

That evening the couple went outside and watched the stars.

The next morning the gang gathered outside and…

…prepared to travel across the bayou to Fort Beauregard.

Fort Beauregard was built a few years before the Simville War in 1860’s and was strategically situated to guard the Gulf Bridge.

The gang gathered outside after reporting for duty.

They were told to “hurry up and wait”. So, they went across street to the Flying V’s Coffeehouse to have some breakfast.

Sawyer and Romero sat and ate at one table…

…while Jamie and Julie sat at another table. Julie could not stop talking about how she and Romero were getting back together again. At one point, she asked Jamie if she and Sawyer might get back together. Jamie did not answer her.

After lunch, Sawyer was kicking around a soccer ball. Jamie went over to talk to him.

She wanted to have serious conversation with Sawyer, but all she could do was to make small talk.

Meanwhile Romero and Julie were getting closer.

Romero offered Julie a bouquet of flowers…

…and then in the heat of the moment Romero kissed Julie.

Then they were interrupted. They could hear an announcement being made over the public address system at the fort. They were being told to report to the civic center in town to attend an anti-jellyfish rally.

So the four of them piled into two taxis and headed across the bridge to Central Park.

The citizens of town had set up a podium on the soccer field in Central Park…

…and Sawyer Clemens was chosen by his peers to address the crowd. He gave a rousing speech in which he loudly complained about the world while Jamie’s grandmother, Peggy Sue Lynne Stoney, screamed in his ear with a mega-phone.

Julie proudly held up a sign protesting the jellyfish invasion.

While Romero was doing his part to protest the jellyfish, Jamie’s aunt Xena approached him.

Xena Viernes had gotten Romero’s message about his idea for a movie treatment on the jellyfish invasion, but she had a different idea in mind. She told Romero that if he were document the war – write a memoir – that the studio would be very interested in purchasing the rights to his story.

Romero got all excited: “I’m going to be famous!” he exclaimed.

Despite the fact that the weather was cold and drizzling, the citizens of Twin Bayous stayed with the rally well into the early evening. Bubbles Stoney got into a shouting contest with her niece-by-marriage, Jamie.

As the rally came to end, the town’s folks gathered around Sawyer and the others to cheer them on to victory over the jellyfish.

Just as the four happy warriors were about to leave Central Park and return to Fort Beauregard, they received new orders…

…they were told to immediately report to a patrol boat, the SS Man-o-War, where they were to begin in the morning patrolling the Gulf of Simexico on the lookout for swarms of jellyfish.


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