The History of Twin Bayous – It is Best to not Say Anything…

The gang spent their first night aboard the SS Man-o-War and awoke the next morning to a cold, gray dawn.

Sawyer had kitchen duty this morning and he made waffles for everyone. The group had been granted a day leave to visit their families before the ship departed on their mission.

After Romero and Julie left to visit their families, Jamie and Sawyer lingered a little on the mess deck.

Sawyer seemed as if he was going to start crying.

“Please forgive me,” he muttered as he and Jamie briefly embraced.

Jamie then exploded: “Listen to me, Sawyer Clemens, and listen good. We are going to my family’s home and you are going to behave yourself. You are not to say a word about our breaking up. As far as my family and your family are concerned, we are still together. Do you understand me?!!?

Sawyer assured Jamie that he understood what she had said. Then the pair jumped in a taxi and headed out for the Ringwald family mansion.

Jamie met her mother out on the patio where the whole family had gathered for a little post-rally celebration.

Jamie went to the pool and called over her sister to come and talk.

Rochelle Stoney, age 15, was a Workaholic, Inappropriate, Excitable, and Easily Impressed.

Jamie thought her younger sister would be perfect for Sawyer, who was a Workaholic, Hates Outdoors, Slob, Brave, and a Diva.

Jamie called over Sawyer, saying that she wanted to him to come and meet her sister.

Sawyer started to remind Jamie that he had meet her younger sister before, but Jamie cut-off him and repeated between clenched teeth: “Sawyer, I’d like you meet my sister, Rochelle.” Sawyer said nothing and Rochelle said, “I’m going back in the pool.”

When Rochelle walk away, Sawyer sputtered, “What’s going on here? Are you trying to pawn me off on your little sister?”

To which Jamie replied, “That is exactly what I am trying to do. Good luck!”

So, Sawyer went and struck up a conversation with Rochelle.

Rochelle told Sawyer that she thought he was very brave for going off to fight the jellyfish.

Sawyer changed the subject and soon they discovered that they had somethings in common.

Rochelle then asked Sawyer if he would join her for swim in the pool.

Sawyer went swimming with Rochelle. When Jamie joined them, Sawyer ignored her and challenged her little sister to breath-holding contest.

Later Rochelle taught Sawyer how to play dominoes.

Before they left to return to the ship, Sawyer spent a few minutes answering awkward questions posed by Jamie’s grandfather, John.

While in the kitchen, Jamie was attempting to assure her parents that everything was okay between her and Sawyer.


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