The History of Twin Bayous – Off to War

The following morning the rain had subsided and the sky was partly cloudy.

Jamie woke before the others. She lounged in her bunk and read a training manual.

As the sun began to rise, Julie went down to the mess deck and watched a training video on how to shop smartly.

While Sawyer began mapping out a course for the mission.

Romero was up in the conning tower checking the communications stack.

It was Julie’s turn at mess duty this morning.

She made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and everyone raved about how great a cook she was.

Julie’s other job this day was to pilot the ship, so after breakfast she went up to the conning tower and manned the helm.

Soon the SS Man-O-War was underway. “Damn the Torpedoes! Full steam ahead!” shouted Captain Romero and then he informed Julie that he had always wanted to say that.

As soon as they were underway, Sawyer began his job of trolling for jellyfish.

Throughout the day, Jamie walked guard along the deck.

About mid-day, the ship made an impressive entry into the bay under the Gulf Bridge.

Julie skillfully docked the ship within sight of the Twin Bayou city hall.

With the ship docked not far from the old cotton wharves, Sawyer continued to troll for jellyfish.

The afternoon dragged on without a single bite.

Then around eight bells, Sawyer caught his second and last jellyfish of the day.

Sawyer instinctively knew what this meant… it meant war!

Julie was ordered to take the ship outside of the bay.

It was late in the night when they anchored just off from the lighthouse and north of the entrance to the bay.

Julie’s third duty of the day was to stand mid watch. Julie discovered that she could actually watch a concert that was going at the Big Show Venue over in the town.

Just before dawn, she was relieved from duty by Jamie.

Julie smartly saluted Jamie and then went off to her bunk to get some much-deserved rest.

Sawyer had mess duty that morning and he made pancakes this time, but for some reason no one else was hungry.

Sawyer looked at the holding tank. It contained only two jellyfish, but soon it would hold more…


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