The History of Twin Bayous – We’ll Meet Again, I Know Not When

The Jellyfish War lasted three long years. By the end of 1929 (AS), the jellyfish infestation had been eradicated.

Sawyer Clemens did not think of himself as being anything more than a soldier who was doing his duty, but to the citizens of Twin Bayous, Sawyer Clemens was a hero.

On the day that the war was declared over, one of the citizens of Twin Bayou called up Sawyer and asked that they meet some place quiet.

Sawyer went to the place that they had planned to meet. He was glad to see that he had not been tricked into attending a hero’s ticker-tape parade. Sawyer hated confetti.

He was even more pleased when he saw who his secret admirer was.

Rochelle Stoney, Jamie’s younger sister, had contacted Sawyer because she wanted to thank him personally for what he had done to end the war.

At first Sawyer did not recognize Rochelle. The last time he had seen her she was 15 years old. Now she was nineteen.

Sawyer complimented Rochelle’s appearance.

Then he asked her to watch the stars.

For the first time in a long time, Sawyer Clemens felt at peace.

As for Jamie Stoney, she was feeling a sense of relief. Sawyer Clemens was no longer her problem.


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