The History of Twin Bayous – The Census of 1940


Just before he died, Arnold Poindexter conducted a census of the town of Twin Bayous.

Stats show that the town of Twin Bayous was growing in population.

In the year 1940, Tabitha (LeFey) Gentille was 56 years old, there were thirty-six households in the town of Twin Bayous, and the residential population was 104 sims. It has been fifty years since the events in season 1/episode 1.

The breakdown by age is as follows:

Male Female
Pregnancies 0 1
Babies 2 0
Toddlers 3 3
Children 3 4
Teens 7 5
YAs 14 16
Adults 17 19
Elders 6 4

Sawyer Clemens and Rochelle Stoney were married in 1932 at the Magic Resort Hotel & Casino.

The occult population had changed little in twenty years:

Male Female
Werewolf 2 0
Fairy 1 2
Vampire 1 2
Plant Sim 0 1
Genie 0 1
Witch 2 3

Raquel’s youngest daughter, Ursula, was confirmed to be a full-fledged Vampire.

Most of the first generation were now elders and some had already passed on. Celia Ringwald’s husband, John (1859-1937), was 78 years old when he died.

On that same day that John Ringwald died, his great-grandson, Huckleberry Clemens was born. Huck was the son of Sawyer & Rochelle Clemens.

Also, on that same day, Christi Goombah, daughter of Romero & Julie Goombah, aged up to child…

…and Morgan LeFey had become a level 10 mystic.

In 1939, Victoria Viernes (1861-1939), Christi Goombah’s great-grandmother died. Christi’s mother, Julie, mourned the death of her grandmother and she was also fearful for the town of Twin Bayous as her grandmother had been mayor of the town for over 50 years. Julie did not like the fact that no one was in charge – chaos and anarchy were not far behind.

The Family Tree of Anton & Morgan LeFey in 1940.

Raquel Goombah was now the de facto head of the LeFey family as her mother Morgan was starting to exhibit signs of senility.

The Family Tree of Mark Clemens in 1940.

Julia Clemens passed away in late 1939. Her funeral was held on a gloomy, rainy day in the autumn of that year.

The Family Tree of Knut & Peggy Sue (Lynne) Stoney in 1940.

Knut Stoney was now head coach of the Twin Bayou Bobcats, a team that he had founded nearly 50 years before and who, for many years, was the team’s only player.

The Family Tree of Celia Ringwald in 1940.

With the passing of her father, Ronnie Ringwald took over leadership of the movie studio as chairman of the board,…

…with her sister Xena as president…

…and her daughter Jamie as vice president in charge of sets.

The Family Tree of Gregg & Vicki Gentille in 1940.

Gregg Gentille had made fortune dealing in rare books and antiquities, but he and Vicki still live in their tiny home in Eastdale.

The Family Tree of Jose & Victoria Viernes in 1940. Victoria passed away in 1939 and Jose in 1940.

Romero Goombah was seriously considering running for mayor & sheriff of Twin Bayous to replace his wife’s grandparents.

The Family Tree of Victor Goombah in 1940.

Maria (Vito) Goombah passed away in 1939. Victor Goombah was now married to Tracie Viernes. He and Tracie were heads of a very large and powerful crime empire made up of about six people.

The Family Tree of Arnold Poindexter in 1940. Both he and Penny passed away that year.

Rumor has it that one of Arnold’s granddaughters was abducted by aliens outside her home in early 1940.


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