The History of Twin Bayous – Run, Boy! Run Like the Wind!

Following the death of Mayor Victoria Viernes and her husband, Sheriff Jose Viernes, the fabric of society in Twin Bayous was starting to fray at the edges. Victor Goombah had become Emperor of Evil and in some parts of town, it was not safe to get out of your car and run around picking up rocks.

Now in his seventies, Mark Clemens had recently lost the family farm to Victor Goombah in a poker game. His children had abandoned him and for a while, Mark was living in the Cathedral.

Mark’s “special friend” Morgan had become senile and she spent a lot of time in the Cathedral with Mark.

Eventually Mark was taken in by his grandson, Sawyer Clemens.

Mark was most grateful that he had lived long enough to be able to hold his great-grandson, Huckleberry.

One day, Mark’s “special friend” Morgan came to visit him.

The next morning, Morgan forgot to go home…

…and she essentially moved in with Mark and his family.

One evening as Mark and Morgan were watching the Faux News Channel on television, they learned that Morgan’s grandson, Romero Goombah, had announced that he was running for both Mayor and Sheriff of Twin Bayous.

Morgan could not understand how her grandson, a little-bitty baby boy, could be mayor of a town. Even if it was a small town such as Twin Bayous.

Mark could not hear what Morgan was saying, because he had the television set turned up really loud.

He said that he needed the sound turned up because he had been outside fishing all day and he still had the “ocean in his ears”.


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