The History of Twin Bayous – Two Can Play At This Game

Julie Goombah was extremely concerned about the current state of affairs in the town of Twin Bayous.

However, she was grateful that her husband, Romero was running for both mayor and sheriff of Twin Bayous. In fact, now-a-days Romero was busy running around all over town trying to drum up support for his campaign.

When Julie realized that Romero was running unopposed, she went into her happy dance mode.

Before the war Romero was encouraged by Xena Viernes and the folks at Ringwald Studios to write his memoirs for making his story into a movie, but just prior to announcing that he was running for the two highest offices in town, he decided to publish his memoirs as a book. A book that he titled “The Art of the Reel: How I Caught the Jelly Fish and Single-handedly Ended a Horrible, Terrible War

Sawyer Clemens was sitting in a bar one night and the Faux News Channel was on the teevee. When he heard how Romero Goombah was claiming to be a war hero, Sawyer nearly fell off his stool.

Sawyer promptly left the bar and went straight to city hall…

…unfortunately city hall was closed at that time, but Sawyer set a reminder on this smart phone to tell him to come down to city hall in the morning and fill out paperwork to put his name on the ballot to run for both mayor and sheriff of Twin Bayous.

It was late and Rochelle was wondering where her husband was…

…but she was very surprised and happy when she heard on the news that Sawyer was running in the election against Romero Goombah. Rochelle just could not see herself voting for someone such as Romero who had one grandfather who was a vampire and another grandfather who was a crime boss.

Morgan was also happy for Sawyer, but she did not seem to understand that he was running against her grandson who she thought was still a child.

Just like Romero, Sawyer was also running around all over town.

Sawyer gave a very important speech at St. Tammany College that covered many important topics affecting the citizens of Twin Bayous.

Unfortunately, the speech was given in the middle of day and no one was there to hear it.

Sawyer needed the backing of a very influential family in Twin Bayous and that family was his wife’s family, the Ringwalds. It was also the family of his ex-girlfriend and sister-in-law, Jamie Stoney and he felt awkward asking Jamie for a donation.

Sawyer went to the Ringwald mansion and asked Jamie if he could have only few minutes to speak with her grandmother, Celia Ringwald.

Unfortunately, as Sawyer and Jamie were standing outside the study talking, inside the study Celia Ringwald was experiencing an end-of-life situation.

Hearing noises, Jamie and Sawyer rushed into the study to find that Celia had passed on and was now a ghost.

Sawyer told Jamie that he thought that this might be a bad time, that he would come back later when her mother, Ronnie, was home and ask Ronnie about a donation for his campaign.

Sawyer went with Jamie to take Celia’s body to the mausoleum for a funeral to be planned for a later day.

Afterwards they went out for a bite to eat at Sim Burger. Celia certainly would have wanted it this way because she could not stand to be around hungry people.

Meanwhile out at Eastern Beach, Rochelle learned that she was pregnant with her second child. Circle of Life…

Jamie stopped by later that evening to let Rochelle know that their grandmother had passed away. Rochelle found it extremely difficult to communicate with her sister when they were both standing on an incline.


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