The History of Twin Bayous – A Day at the Races

Being an old man, allowed Mark to do inappropriate stuff like take a bath outside under the kitchen window.

This also allowed him to go on endlessly giving his grandson advice about his campaign for election as both mayor and sheriff of the town of Twin Bayous.

Listening to his grandfather go on and on had a way of motivating Sawyer to get out the house as quickly as possible every morning.

What Sawyer did not realize is Mark wanted his grandson out of the house so that he and Morgan could be alone.

At the home of Romero and Julie Goombah, their second daughter, Sheena, was a toddler.

In addition, Julie was pregnant with her third child.

On the porch, Julie was having breakfast with her eldest daughter Christi.

Christi was wondering that if her daddy won the election, they could then afford to buy her a pair of shoes?

On his way out the door, Romero was beginning another campaign day.

At just about the time he arrived at city hall…

…Julie went into labor.

Julie took a taxi to the hospital.

And by noon she was out and about with a brand-new baby boy.

Meanwhile, back at the house in the Eastern Annex…

…Sheena Goombah aged up to child.

After the morning’s excitement was over, Romero headed over to his parent’s home, the Dutranoit Plantation.

Romero was there to ask his parents for a donation to his campaign. His mother told him to ask his father.

Then his father made some lame excuse about not having any spare change.

Romero was pissed at his parents and said: “Okay, fine, don’t ask me to fix any parking tickets after I become mayor and sheriff of this podunk town!”

Romero left his parent’s house and then went to Brewed Awakenings where he was hosting a fund raising for some of his supporters.

As he arrived, Xena Viernes was just leaving. She apologized, but she had just realized that she could not support Romero, because her niece’s husband was running against him.

Romero started working the room, asking for donations.

At one point, he greeted his cousin Tina LeFey and asked her for a donation.

Tina must have misunderstood what Romero was asking for and unfortunately, a photographer was nearby and he snapped a picture of Romero scoring a handful of fairy dust.

Romero looked around and the only people left in the room was his father and his wife.

Meanwhile that night, out at Eastern Beach, Huckleberry Clemens aged up to child.


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