The History of Twin Bayous – Debate Night

On the morning after the fundraiser at Brewed Awakenings, a picture of Romero Goombah appeared on the front page of the newspaper showing Romero receiving fairy dust from his cousin Tina LeFey. Despite the implications, Romero’s poll numbers suddenly jumped through the roof.

Learning of the sudden change in poll numbers, Sawyer realized that this might mean that he was going to lose the election. Yet, Sawyer told Rochelle that he would not be sad if he lost the election, because all that really mattered to him was she and the kids.

Mark was also very happy that Morgan could not remember where she lived and that she continued to stay with him and his grandson’s family.

That afternoon Sawyer gave another speech at the college. In this speech, he announced that he was challenging Romero to a debate to be held this night at the Student Quad. He was hoping that if he made a good showing at the debate it would help turn things around for his campaign.

Sawyer arrived at the quad early to set things up and prepare for the debate.

It was not too long after getting things set up that Sawyer suddenly realized that he had not set any rules or boundaries for the debate. This first occurred him to as one of Romero’s cousins arrived early and started heckling Sawyer.

Shortly after Sawyer began his prepared remarks, focusing on his heroic record during the war, Romero came up behind him with a placard proclaiming Sawyer to be total phony.

Sawyer began appealing directly to Rochelle, his only supporter in the audience: “Honey, you know me. You know the things that I stand for…”

Soon, Romero’s father, Anthony Goombah, joined in and began heckling Sawyer with a full-volume megaphone. He was chanting: “Phony go home! Phony go home!”

Sawyer continued direct all his comments and rhetoric to his only supporter present.

However, Rochelle had gone from being a strong supporter of Sawyer Clemens to now being an absolute fanatic.

Rochelle called her husband over and planted a heat of the moment kiss on his lips.

Sawyer complimented his wife’s appearance.

Then he offered to give her massage.

The chant from the mob suddenly changed from “Phony go home! Phony go home!” to “Get a room! Get a room!”

This is when Sawyer noticed that his own father, Jack Clemens, had become a member of the mob. He had a megaphone and kept up the chant: “Get a room! Get a room!”

Sawyer and Rochelle left the quad and went home. The debate continued long after they were gone.


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