The History of Twin Bayous – The Loser’s Standing Small

It was election night and Mark was eagerly watching the return results coming in on the television.

It took the old man a while before he realized that what he was actually watching was his great-grandson playing a video game.

After he told Huckleberry to go to bed, Mark turned on the television to the Faux News Channel so he could watch the election results and then he promptly fell asleep.

What Mark missed seeing was a video of Romero Goombah doing a victory dance in front of city hall. They had been playing this image in loop all afternoon. It seems that Romero had been elected mayor of Twin Bayous and that he had won by landslide.

What Mark also missed was the image of Romero Goombah exiting from City Hall, making a sour face, and shouting “Doh!” as the announcer explained that Romero had only won the mayoral race and was not elected as sheriff. It seems that Romero had messed up when filing his paperwork and had not checked the box for Sheriff.

As a result, Sawyer Clemens was now the new sheriff of Twin Bayous. He had run un-opposed and was the only candidate listed on the ballot for that office.

Sawyer was now upstairs celebrating with his new daughter Carina Clemens.

The election of 1940 was over and all was well in the town of Twin Bayous.

Julie Goombah was satisfied that the end-of-the-world was no longer imminent. She felt that it was now safe to go back into the water.


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