The History of Twin Bayous – How Lucky Can One Guy Be?

While Morgan was checking into the Sand Dunes Resort Hotel and Casino in fabulous Lucky Palms…

…Mark, who had a bit of a gambling problem, headed straight for the casino floor….

…and he started working the slot machines.

Morgan changed into her poolside attire and then found a bartender who could make a decent regulation 9-to-1 Beefeater Martini.

It was August and monsoon season. Outside the rain was coming down pretty heavy and some parts of Lucky Palms were starting to flood.

Morgan hoped the rain would move out fast, because tomorrow they had special plans at the Venetian Plaza located behind their hotel.

The elderly couple cashed in around 9:30 PM.

The next morning they were up very early.

They headed downstairs to the buffet to try the hotel’s famous pancakes and waffles breakfast.

Then Morgan had a surprise for Mark. She found a place somewhere off-Strip where they could do some indoor fishing.

Mark thought it was very cool that they could see the mountains right through the roof. It was like being outdoors only it was air-conditioned.

After visiting the off-Strip indoor fishing place, the next stop was the Venetian Plaza behind their hotel.


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