The History of Twin Bayous – The Winner Takes It All

When Mark and Morgan arrived at the Venetian Plaza behind the Sand Dunes Resort Hotel and Casino in fabulous Lucky Palms, Mark had forgotten why they were there…

…and he went straight to the gondolas and hopped aboard one.

Morgan finally arrived at the plaza (she walks slow) and waited patiently for Mark to finish the ride.

Then the couple went into a replica of Saint Mark’s Cathedral.

There they exchanged vows in front of two random witnesses who had wandered in off the Strip.

After years of hiding their love in the shadows, Morgan LeFey and Mark Clemens were finally married.

After the ceremony, the couple headed back to their hotel room at the Sand Dunes, but…

…not before Morgan gave her newly wedded husband a woohoo enhancement charm.

The next day they hung out for a while in the hot tub.

After lunch, they went to the casino next door and before gambling, Morgan ordered each of them a Marshmallow Cake-a-tini. (She had a coupon).

Morgan then gave Mark some cash (1,000 simoleans) and sent him upstairs to the black jack tables.

Mark spent the afternoon playing black jack.

While Morgan used up her coupons at the bar trying different cocktails that no one in Twin Bayous had ever heard of.

After a few hours, Morgan could swear that she heard her husband crying upstairs.

At one point Mark had been up 17,000 simoleans, but never knowing when to quit, Mark managed to lose it all.

Mark was sad and he started to apologize to Morgan.

Yet before he had a chance to utter a word, Morgan pulled out her magick wand and apologized to Mark and told him that she was very sorry for what she was about to do. As always, Mark was mildly confused by what she was saying.

After Morgan cast a forgetful spell on Mark, he went from very sad to very happy. “Hey honey, I think I can now afford to buy back the farm,” he told his wife.

“Of course, you can.” Morgan replied.


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