The History of Twin Bayous – We Bought the Farm

Sawyer took his new job as sheriff of Twin Bayous very seriously, but it did not pay very well at all.

One Saturday morning, Huckleberry was watching all his favorite programming on the Kidz Network. Huck’s great-grandfather and Morgan were the only other ones up early this morning.

Huckleberry suddenly heard a shriek that came from Morgan.

Something was happening to his great-grandfather and now Morgan was crying.

Huckleberry ran into the kitchen. He was not sure what was happening, but it scared him.

Shortly a grim-looking, black-hooded character appeared to take Huck’s great-grandfather away.

That night Sawyer Clemens stood alone on the beach and cried his heart out.

Much later that night, Morgan was coming home from a trip she had made into town and stopping at the mailbox she saw that the bills were due. She quietly paid them all.

A few nights later, Morgan Clemens called everyone out to take a little trip with her in the car. She said that she had a surprise for them.

Morgan brought the family to the Clemens Valley Farm and told them that Mark had recently won enough playing blackjack to be able to buy back the family farm.

Carina Clemens had aged up to toddler.

And she now occupied the same crib that her father had many years ago.


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