The History of Twin Bayous – A Business to Mind

The year was now 1942 (AS) and Tabitha Gentille was 58 years old.

She and her husband, Chadrick, lived in a cozy Victorian house in the Lighthouse district of Twin Bayous.

Chad Gentille was now 69 years old. His mother had passed on a number of years ago and he was now concerned about his 91 year old father and how he was getting along.

So Chad set off one morning to pay a visit to his father’s home in Eastdale.

His father still lived in the same home that Chad had grown up in many years ago.

Although Gregg Gentille had made fortune dealing in rare books and antiquities he still lived at number 8 Cedar Lane in the modest neighborhood of Eastdale.

Gregg greeted his son. Chad suggested that they should go out for lunch, but first Chad wanted to stop by the cemetery to visit his mother Vicki’s grave.

Father and son then went to the cemetery. Chad found his mother’s grave just outside the mausoleum and not far from where the famous director John Ringwald was buried. Chadrick examined the epitaph on his mother’s gravestone and then he mourned.

When he finished mourning, Chad looked up and he noticed that his father was standing away from the grave and over by the cemetery fence.

Gregg had heard the rumors that the ghost of his late wife was on a number of recent occasions seen out and about in the cemetery.

It had stopped raining and so the pair decided to go eat outside at the Sim Burger on Eastern Avenue.

Gregg’s behavior at Vicki’s gravesite troubled Chad and so he asked his father if anything was bothering him.

Gregg now seemed much calmer as he rather nonchalantly confided to his son that he was engaged to be married. Chad was thinking that this was okay and when he asked who the woman was his father was planning to marry, Chad was expecting the answer to be to one of the widows in town.

Chad was most certainly not expecting that his father’s fiancé was Jamie Stoney, daughter of Ronnie Ringwald Stoney; a young woman in her late thirties.

Chad said nothing more to his father other than to congratulate him. However Chad was concerned enough about his father’s plans that he decided to seek out Jamie Stoney and find out what she was up to. Chad knew that Jamie spent much her time at the library doing research for the movie projects at her family’s studio. So he went there.

Sure enough Chad found Jamie Stoney at the library.

Chad wasted no time with small talk and he came right to the point; wanting to know just what Jamie was up to.

Jamie was not at all happy with either Chad’s questioning nor with his accusatory tone.

Jamie fired back at Chad and told that her relationship with Gregg Gentille was none of his business.

Chad then made a threat towards Jamie, telling her that had better not be after his father’s fortune or that he would make a great deal of trouble for her.

The pair then glared at each other for a few minutes before Jamie stormed out the library.

Jamie stood outside the library on the sidewalk and as she waited for a car to come take her back to Ringwald manor, her mind wandered to back to something that had occurred a few weeks prior…


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