The History of Twin Bayous – A Family Secret

Jamie had just been confronted by Chad Gentille inside the Twin Bayous’ public library and now she stood outside the library on the sidewalk. As she waited for a car to come take her back to Ringwald manor, her mind wandered to back to something that had occurred a few weeks prior…

It was around the end of the year that Jamie was sitting outside the Gentille Bookstore on Main street reading the latest issue of the Adventures of Freezer Bunny.

Jamie noticed that her nephew, Huckleberry was walking down the sidewalk and that he was crying about something.

Before Jamie had the chance to get up and see what was the matter with her nephew, he had gone inside the bookstore. She saw now Morgan LeFey standing on the sidewalk. Mrs. LeFey-Clemens also appeared to be distressed about something.

Jamie went over to Morgan and asked the elderly woman if there was anything that she could do to help her.

Jamie was saddened to learn that Mark Clemens had passed away that very morning.

As she comforted the old woman, Jamie noticed that Morgan carried with her what appeared to be large book wrapped in an intricately woven cloth.

Jamie asked Morgan if there was anything that she could do to help her. Morgan thanked the young woman, telling her that she had come to the bookstore to sell something that was as equally precious as the love that she had shared with Mr. Clemens.

Jamie continued to consoled Mrs. LeFey-Clemens. Then suddenly Morgan gave Jamie a blank stare through moist eyes and she said: “I’m sorry… have we met?”

After Morgan went inside the bookstore to sell whatever it was she carried wrapped in cloth, Jamie lingered on the sidewalk lost in contemplation. Having spent the day in the library doing research on the occult, she had an idea of what it was that Morgan was selling and if it was what she thought it was, it was in fact something very precious.


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