The History of Twin Bayous – It’s My Party

It was now autumn in Twin Bayous and the town square was now adorned with all the features of the annual Spooky Day festival.

Every year the LeFey-Goombah family hosted a Spooky Day celebration at the old Dutranoit plantation on the far north end of Twin Bayous.

Despite her recent outburst that briefly terrorized the town of Twin Bayou, Raquel Goombah was determined to continue the tradition and she sent out an open invitation to everyone in the town.

Raquel planned every detail of the party including the musical numbers that she would perform for her guests.

Early on the evening of Spook Day, the guests began to arrive. Despite a recent spat between him and Raquel, Sawyer Clemens was the first to arrive and he came dressed as a tragic clown, but wore his sheriff’s cap as had become his custom since being elected to the office.

Sawyer’s wife Rochelle attended as did his mother Donna. Everyone in town whispered about how similar Sawyer’s wife and mother were in appearance, but no one remembers if Sawyer ever made mention of it.

At some point shortly after all the guests had arrived, Raquel managed to leave the house undetected.

In a blinding flash, she raced through the house and ran down the front walk to the street outside.

Soon she was on her broom and gliding along the streets silently through a deserted town.


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